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Why Buying a Custom Suit Makes the Most Sense

Wall Street: Welcome to Summer! Now that the weather is warming up, street fashion is becoming alive with pops of color.  I had lunch with menswear designer David Hart the other day on historical Stone Street, and we spent a couple hours people watching and talking about new trends in menswear.  In particular, there is […]

Valentine’s Day Gift and Seduction Guide

Ok Gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again.  Although you should be showing the woman in your life how special she is every day, this is the time to really shine (no pressure!).  Fortunately for you, I have spent 13 years of my career working with lingerie brands all over the world styling their […]

Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

Wall Street Stylist Holiday Gift Guide For the Dapper Gentleman: LUXURY TIES   The Dark Knot Luxury Ties Dark Knot Ties The Dark Knot is one of my favorite luxury tie brands.  The Dark Knot offers contemporary hand-stitched woven and printed silk neckties of the highest quality.    Not only are these ties of superior […]

How to Tie a Bowtie

  I have always had a fascination with bowties.  Perhaps it’s the elegance that they exude, or the stereotype that only gentleman wear bowties, but whatever the reason, I think they are an incredibly dapper fashion accessory.   That being said, all bowties are NOT created equal.  A true gentleman actually knows HOW to tie a […]